Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t have to be promiscuous to contract an STI.

If you’re sexually active and have changed partners, then yes you and your partner should be tested.

STIs can be asymptomatic for weeks, months and sometime years making detection difficult and unintentional transmission likely.

Regular testing is essential.

This depends on the incubation period of the specific infection that you are concerned about.

The incubation period is the time from exposure to an infection to the first appearance of symptoms. The incubation period is also the grey zone where test results may come back as negative even if you are infected.

The incubation period varies for infections and can be found on our STI information page.

Our Doctors have thoughtfully put together specific packages that you can choose. 

Or if you are concerned about a single infection – you can choose an individual test.

Prices for tests and packages can be found on our Tests page

We have partnered with the largest and most accredited laboratories in South Africa.

We have over 100 testing centres nationally and you will be able to find your closest one with this interactive map.

Once you have added your tests to your cart and proceeded to the checkout page you will inform us of the suburb that you would like to be tested in or the specific testing centre you would like to go to.

We will then confirm the test with that specific testing centre or the testing centres that are located closest to your suburb.

During the checkout process you inform us of the area that you would prefer to visit for your test.

Once the booking has been confirmed we provide you with our testing centre’s operating hours and you can simply walk in when you are ready to take your test.

Submitting your blood and or urine sample will generally take no longer than 10 minutes.

We utilise PayFast – South Africa’s leading secure online payment gateway.

During the checkout process you will be redirected to PayFast’s secure site and can pay with credit card, instant EFT, Masterpass or Bitcoin.

There are no extra charges with any of the payment choices through PayFast – what you see on the checkout process is what you will be charged.

To be eligible for Medical Aid cover, the tests must be requested as a result of a face to face consultation with a doctor.

Test Easy is an eHealthcare initiative based on convenience, confidentiality and cost saving. Currently eHeathcare initiatives such as Test Easy are not covered by Medical Aid.

This depends on the type of test requested.

Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia, Trichomoniasis, Ureaplasma and Mycoplasma are all performed on a urine sample and can take up to 3 days after submitting your sample at the Testing Centre.

HIV, Herpes, Hepatitis and Syphilis are performed on a blood sample and are generally ready after 1 day. 

Results are delivered to your inbox in pdf format along with a report and recommendation from one of our Test Easy Doctors.

Your STI test results are strictly confidential between you and your Test Easy Doctor.

With your results you will also receive a recommendation from one of our Test Easy Doctors.

If you test positive and require treatment, you will need to see your Doctor for a review and treatment of your condition.

Our Test Easy Doctors do not provide prescriptions.

Test Easy simplifies the testing process by eliminating the need for a consultation prior to testing.

Patients will need to see their Doctor for a review of their infection and treatment if they have tested positive.

Test Easy Doctors will not provide prescriptions as they have not examined or reviewed you in person. 

Prescriptions without a consult is an illegal and unethical practice according to Health Professional Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the public should be wary of services providing scripts telephonically or electronically without a consult.

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