What is Gonorrhoea?

Nicknamed the ‘drop’ or the ‘clap’, this is an STI caused by a bacteria and spread directly by person to person contact. It is one of the commonest STIs and usually affects sexually active people between the ages of 16 and 25.

Gonorrhoea is found in the discharge and is spread by all kinds of sex, including oral sex. It can occur in the vagina, penis, throat and rectum. 

What are the symptoms?

In men, urination becomes painful and more frequent. There may be a creamy or greenish pus-like discharge from the penis, with irritation around the penis opening (the urethra) or a dull pain in the testicles which may also swell in size. People who engage in anal sex may notice anal irritation, soreness, rectal bleeding or an anal discharge.

Many women are symptom-free. In those who do have symptoms, there is usually painful urination, a creamy or coloured vaginal discharge, lower abdominal pain and pain on intercourse.

What's the treatment?

Gonorrhoea is treated with a course of antibiotics.

It is important to complete the full course and for all partners to be treated. 

What do we test?

At Test Easy – Gonorrhoea testing is painless, quick and easy.

A urine sample is all we need. We also test for Chlamydia and Trichomoniasis as part of the same test.

Results are available within 2 days of processing. 

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